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Key Advantages

Moncton for Business identifies several key factors that position the City of Moncton, with its business cost and location advantages, as the choice Canadian business location for expansion and relocation including:

  • Moncton offers business an advantage with a local workforce demographic profile that is not only trained, experienced and reliable, but bilingual.
  • Another advantage of Moncton as a business location is our low cost as noted by KPMG in their bi-annual Competitive Alternatives study, which has consistently ranked Moncton in the top of Canadian cities and as #1 in 2012
  • A level of technological development, especially with regard to information and data processing, makes the conduct of nationwide business entirely feasible from Moncton.  Several major national and international companies in the information and data processing industry sectors have chosen Moncton as their business location in Eastern Canada
  • Moncton has long been a viable business location for enterprises like  Action Car and Truck Accessories, Medavie Blue Cross and Assumption Life.   As well, a host of companies demonstrate the benefits of the industrial parks such as Amcor, Armour Transportation Systems, Pepsi-Cola Canada and NAPA.
  • In recent years, Moncton has continued to attract several companies for distribution, manufacturing, regional sales offices and national “back-offices” and call centres. Companies such as Asurion, CGI, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Purolator Courier and UPS.  The Royal Bank chose Moncton for their Royal Direct Call Centre, which is located in the Moncton Industrial Park. Also BBM Canada, Exxon Mobil and Rogers Communications call Moncton home.
  • Several companies have established major facilities in Caledonia Industrial Estates such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw Atlantic, Kohl & Frisch, Maritime Hydraulic, and McKesson Canada. On the manufacturing side, there is Al-Pack Enterprises, Irving Personal Care Ltd., Nutrico/Shur-Gain and Molson-Coors with their first new brewery in 50 years.

Business Benefits

When it comes to a business location, we believe that Moncton just makes sense.  As the “Hub of the Maritimes” Moncton is a growing, bilingual metropolitan area that offers a great atmosphere for business and family life.

Moncton was recognized by KPMG’s 2012 Competitive Alternatives Study as the #1 place to do business in Canada.  It has also been named one of the Top 7 Intelligent Communities. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), means full input tax credits on business purchases
  • Among the lowest Workers Compensation rates in Canada
  • No payroll tax in Moncton, as well as no business improvement tax
  • No business occupancy tax in Moncton
  • Moncton offers competitive personal tax rates
  • Attractive prices for serviced industrial park land
  • A quality of water second to none in Canada with a state-of-the-art water treatment facility.  The capacity of the system is being increased to serve a growing population for the next 50 years and more
  • For more information, please view our section on Business Cost Information.

Bilingual Workforce

  • The workforce in Moncton is comprised of more than 80,700 people.
  • The workforce is reliable and loyal with very low turnover rates. Less than 3% is not uncommon. In a ten year study by Statistics Canada on turnover rates, New Brunswick as a whole had a rate of 5%. Low turnover means lower costs. For this reason major companies have already chosen Moncton as their Eastern Canada business location.
  • Moncton and New Brunswick enjoy a cost of living that is slightly below the national average, and this results in labour costs that are more attractive than in most Canadian cities.  
  • Approximately 45% of the workforce is bilingual
  • Demographics profiles show Moncton’s extensive and fluently bilingual workforce, as well as population breakdown and details.
  • For more information, please view our section on Demographic Information.

Hub of the Maritimes

Moncton is at the geographic centre of the Maritimes offering a business advantage in location as a central distribution point for the region.

  • Convergence of the highway network, rail lines and regional air service positions Moncton as the geographic transportation “Hub of the Maritimes”.
  • Approximately 75% of the population of the Maritimes is within a 3 hour drive of Moncton.
  • The Trans Canada Highway, the principal road network in the region runs through Moncton adjacent to Caledonia Industrial Estates.
  • CN’s rail yards and Intermodal System are situated in the city’s west end adjacent to Moncton Industrial Park.  
  • Several freight transport companies have major terminals in Moncton and in some cases their head office operations.
  • Moncton has a fog-free airport resulting in fewer weather delays than any other airport in the region. The airport is operated under a locally controlled Greater Moncton Airport Authority. A new airport terminal was opened in October, 2002.
  • Moncton Airport is served by Air Canada, Porter Airlines, WestJet and United Express.
  • Purolator Courier, Federal Express and UPS each operate facilities at the Moncton Airport.
  • Moncton on the Map illustrates the central location of Moncton within the Maritime Provinces and confirms one of Moncton’s key advantages for business. Location, location, location.
  • More information can be found in the General Moncton Information section of this page.


Higher Learning

Education and higher learning facilities assist in positioning Moncton and its educated labour force as an advantage offered by Moncton.  This includes:

  • Université de Moncton. In addition to its usual courses the university has various research centres such as Energy Conversion, Environmental Sciences and Food. It also has established Chairs in Sustainable Development and in Electrical Engineering.
  • Crandall University operates from its Moncton campus in the city’s north end. Crandall offers a four year Bachelor of Arts program.
  • Mount Allison University in Sackville is just 40 kilometers from Moncton. It has been ranked several times as number one by Macleans Magazine for small colleges in Canada.
  • Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools offer a French and English language system. The English system also offers a French immersion program at most of the schools.

Technical Skill Sets

A labour force that is well trained in technical skill sets is another Moncton business advantage and these local training facilities include:

  • The New Brunswick Community College has two campuses in Greater Moncton, one English and one French. In addition to their regular education programs, the colleges undertake contract training tailored to the specific needs of the company.
  • Several private business colleges operate in Moncton offering a variety of training skills.

Quality of Life

Life after business is rich and vibrant in Moncton with an active arts and cultural life and numerous restaurants.  A short twenty minutes drive brings in the cottages, ocean water and coastlines for recreation.

Moncton quality of living advantages include:   

  • Reasonable cost of housing. On average housing in Moncton costs run anywhere from 60 to 70% lower than for comparable houses in Toronto.
  • The cottage country along the Northumberland Strait is only twenty minutes from Moncton.
  • Health Care – Moncton is home to two hospitals, the Moncton Hospital and the Dr. Georges Dumont University Hospital.
  • Recreation – two national parks within 100 km (60 miles) and beaches and sailing twenty minutes away.
  • Golf – there are several golf courses in the Moncton area including Royal Oaks, a championship quality course designed by renowned architect Rees Jones.  Royal Oaks is on the city’s north side near Caledonia Industrial Estates.
  • Centennial Park – is located centrally in the city and offers tennis, hiking/skiing trails, swimming, skating, lawn bowling and playgrounds.
  • Capitol Theatre – is a beautifully restored theatre in downtown Moncton. It offers productions from Theatre New Brunswick, Symphony New Brunswick and various entertainers and local theatre groups.
  • The Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is based in Moncton.  Several of their ballets how won widespread acclaim with such productions as the Phantom of the Opera.
  • For those looking to mix entertainment with some added activity, there is Casino New Brunswick.
  • Festivals that bring life to the city such as the Hub Cap Comedy Festival, the Northrup Frye Festival and more.