Lot Number: 10-5

Moncton Industrial Park


Lot Description
Lot Size (hectares): 1.60 hectares
Lot Size (acres): 3.95 acres
Additional Property Attributes
Zoning: Industrial Park
Water: 65 to 80 PSI
Sewer: Storm to lot
Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary to lot
Utilities and Transportation
Power: 12.47KV, 3 Phase
Nearest Highway: Trans Canada Highway 5 km
KM to airport: 18
Cost Per Hectare: $222,400
Cost Per Acre: $90,000
Total Cost: $355,840
Lot is eligible for a 20% Performance Rebate
Company Name: Moncton Industrial Development
Contact: Pierre Dupuis
Address: 655 Main Street
City: Moncton
Province: NB
Postal Code: E1C 1E8
Telephone: (506) 857-0700
Fax: (506) 859-7206
Email: info@moncton4business.com

Address & Contact

Our Address

75 DesBrisay Ave.


46.09711008745201, -64.86794828285048