Quick Facts About Moncton's Water Treatment and Supply Network

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• The tri-communities primary water supply comes from Turtle Creek, a surface water supply, located southwest of Moncton in Albert County.

• Water from the Turtle Creek Reservoir is pumped to the Moncton Water Treatment Plant (WTP), which has a top elevation of 79.3 meters (260 feet). The elevation of the WTP allows water to flow by gravity to the communities of Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe.

• During 2005, the Turtle Creek Reservoir supplied an average of 50,620 cubic meters (11.1 million imperial gallons) a day to the tri-community.

• Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe and the Water Treatment Plant operate under Certificates to Operate from the Provincial Department of Environment and Local Government.

• The water treatment plant underwent a performance review in 2005 and was in full compliance with its certificate.

• Discussions continued in 2005 on the expansion of the tri-community water supply to meet the increasing demand for quality drinking water in our growing communities.

• The Turtle Creek Reservoir is a designated watershed and protected under the N.B. Clean Water Act. The 17,000 hectares (42,500 acres or 170 km2) watershed is outside municipal boundaries and falls under the Provincial Department of Environment, which has the primary responsibility for its protection and to control activities in the watershed.

• The Greater Moncton District Planning Commission administers land use planning within the watershed.

• The City of Moncton has a reservoir caretaker and a forestry manager whose jobs include the protection of the watersheds. These employees manage activities within the watersheds, including filing reports of any violations of the Clean Water Act with the Department of Environment and Local Government for enforcement.

• The Turtle Creek Watershed Residents Committee, consisting of local residents, was established to open the lines of communication with the city and the province thus enabling discussion on issues of mutual concern, including preservation of water quality.

• The water treatment plant is a surface water treatment facility and is designed to provide an average daily flow to the city of 68,200 cubic meters (15 million imperial gallons) a day.

• The peak capacity of the plant is 113,670 cubic meters (25 million imperial gallons).

April, 2006