Spend any time on a roadway

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Spend any time on a roadway in New Brunswick, particularly near the trucking centre of Atlantic Canada, around Moncton and the number of transports hauling every form of trailer, tanker, closed van and tarped flatbed establishes that Moncton is a big time transportation player.

From their industrial park locations around the City, a number of companies send a virtual fleet of moving billboards and logos out onto the region's highways.

Armour Transportation Systems is family owned corporation that continues to grow and overtake smaller competitors all over the region. The distinctive rich Red, dark Blue and White color schemed trucks appear to be coming from all directions at once, on any particular day, on any particular highway in Atlantic Canada.

All around the City of Moncton, and throughout the region, the various shapes and sizes of the City Wide Courier and Messenger firm's vehicles are seemingly calling on the front door as a same day courier and are also deliverying with a completely different truck at the loading dock.

To really appreciate the impact of the trucking industry on Moncton, encounter a Midland train of distinctively green tractors and vans rolling along together one after another on I-95 in New England or heading West on the Trans-Canada Highway coming or leaving New Brunswick. The size and scope of Midland Transport as the company celebrates its 33rd birthday is a remarkable achievement in any business category.

There is much more to Moncton and their industrial parks than just 18 wheel trucks moving over the highways. However, on any given day along the Trans Canada Highway ringing Moncton, it would be easy to think that trucks, transports, and the logistics of getting products moved in and out of the city is one of Moncton's largest employee groups.

August, 2000