They came They saw They Rocked!

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World's #1 Rock & Roll band rocks Canada's #1 City for Business!

Moncton, New Brunswick Saturday, September 3, 2005 Throughout much of the city on Saturday afternoon, it was very quiet, almost like a ghost town. But on the Hill, it was rocking as the #1 city in Canada for business became the #1 city for rock and roll. Moncton, New Brunswick hit the heights last December when Canadian Business Magazine ranked Moncton as the #1 place for business in Canada. Now, we say the #1 city for business rocks. Yes, Moncton rocks and as the star attraction, the biggest rock and roll band in the world hit the stage in Moncton. The Rolling Stones brought their high energy and legendary performance to Moncton, New Brunswick.

As the concert promoter said, Mick was intrigued to find out this was the smallest city on the tour, yet attracted the largest audience. On a tour that will see the band play in places like Boston and Chicago, Moncton may be small, but it's big in spirit and enthusiasm. 85,000 fans jammed the concert site at the famed Magnetic Hill, a home to optical illusions where water and cars (without fuel) seemingly run up hill and where the king of rock strutted and sang through years of rock hits. This was the site of a magnetic performance accentuated with dramatic pyrotechnics, lights, video screens and a mammoth stage.

Was this all an illusion? Did the Rolling Stones really rock Moncton? Just ask the 85,000 people in attendance, a mix of young and old, a mix of those with graying hair or no hair at all and those not even born when the Stones came on the scene. They all stood and cheered, they rocked and they rolled.

Why would a legendary band like the Rolling Stones, ever come to a small city like Moncton. Well, think business. The Rolling Stones may rock but the Stones are also a business, in fact they are a big business, a business that generated some $15 million or so in ticket sales and concession sales for one day's work. So where did they go for that kind of return, they went to the City of Moncton, nicely situated at the centre of Canada's Maritime provinces. We didn't get the nickname Hub of the Maritimes for nothing.

So when we say Moncton rocks for business, you can read that in more ways than one. We like to read it as the best location in Canada for business and so do the promoters of the Rolling Stones' concert.

"There was always this dream that one day we would bring the biggest show ever to Atlantic Canada," said Donald K. Donald, who is one of the main organizers behind the concert alongside Michael Cole, the Rolling Stones' world tour producer. "And when this opportunity surfaced, the concept of the biggest show in the history of Atlantic Canada and marrying that with the Rolling Stones' concept of wanting to perform in some markets they had never been before, just seemed like a natural fit."

Donald said that for years the City of Moncton has been pressing him to bring a major act to the city and they took him to the Magnetic Hill site several times. And when opportunity came knocking, Donald remembered the site and Moncton's central location which made it a perfect central point for rock fans from five provinces and two states.

The result was the biggest concert in Atlantic Canadian music history. The result was a huge success with the oldest and greatest rock and roll band in the world. They came, they saw and they rocked. If Moncton can rock for the Rolling Stones, Moncton can rock for your business too!