New companies keep adding to the growth of Moncton's Caledonia Industrial Estates!

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Moncton, New Brunswick and Caledonia Industrial Estates situated at the centre of Canada's Maritime provinces, just keep on growing. A lot has been happening in Caledonia over the past four years with new projects and expansion of the park itself. Topping the list in 2005 was the groundbreaking for the Molson brewery, their first new brewery in over 50 years. With construction well underway, this brewery is scheduled to start shipping product to those thirsty drinkers in early 2007.

While the Molson project is big news for Caledonia, it's not the only thing happening in the park. Over the past couple of years, we have seen the opening of the new 150,000 sq. ft diaper manufacturing plant for Irving Personal Care. Nearby, Shoppers Drug Mart expanded their distribution centre by some 82,000 sq. ft, bringing that facility to 232,000 sq. ft. Detroit Diesel-Allison opened their new facility in full view of the Trans Canada Highway. Towering over the park is Shur-Gain's new state-of-the-art feedmill operation which began operation in March, 2005.

The good news continues: gaming machine manufacturer Spielo (GTech) added 55,000 sq. ft to their operations in 2003. Whitehill Technologies continues to grow; Rolly's Wholesale opened its new 40,000 sq. ft warehouse; Atlantic Carrier Transicold built a new maintenance operation and Giffels Management completed a 54,000 sq. ft multi-tenant building. With all of this activity, it was time for the park to grow once again and that's just what has happened. The streets and services were extended adding another 130 acres to the park's available inventory. This means a better mix of available lots to meet the needs for both small and large projects. Potential sites range from 2 acres up to 40 acres.

But the activity and growth in Moncton has been much more than its industrial parks. Building permits continue at high levels with 2005 reaching $135 million in Moncton itself and $248 million in the greater area as a whole. All around Moncton it's happening. In retail development, we've had new projects such as Home Depot, Old Navy, WalMart and more. New commercial developments for the downtown have been announced with plans for a new convention centre, two hotels and more. There are new downtown condos, new suburban subdivisions and apartment buildings. Demonstrating the vibrancy of the residential market, following a record year in 2004, sales continue unabated throughout 2005.

To keep us all healthy, Moncton has a new YMCA which offers a variety of programs for the young and the old from swimming to exercise rooms to palates, whatever takes your fancy. Just across from the YMCA is the sportsplex with its mix of baseball and soccer fields along with the 4-Ice centre, a modern arena with four ice surfaces. There is also the "dome" where golfers can keep tuned up throughout the off-season as can our avid soccer players. Added to all this are new schools and new additions at the universities, colleges and a major expansion of the Moncton Hospital.

Wherever you look, Moncton keeps growing. Be a part of it with your next business move.

February, 2005