Putting Breakfast on Distant, Home Tables from Moncton

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A growing number of North American households are starting their morning coffee with a pre-cooked waffle, or pancake whose ingredients were assembled by Atlantic Waffle Inc. for shipment from their location in Caledonia Industrial Estates.

This new prepared breakfast meal is driving the growth of a Moncton-based manufacturing company, which is rapidly expanding its markets south to a hungry breakfast product demand in the United States. The consumer's choice is often as not, mixed, cooked, and packaged by Atlantic Waffles in a recently expanded modern Moncton assembly plant, in order to be served hot on a breakfast plate somewhere between Moncton, Miami, Toronto, and points in between.

Atlantic Waffles, is a division of Western Waffles, of Annacis Island, Delta, and Vancouver, BC. The company is one of the Atlantic region's great success stories here, as well as on the West Coast.

With 80% of its market in the US, the custom bake-to-order plant is turning out refrigerated truckloads of private label brand bread products delivered to major grocery chains, as private label products located along the Atlantic coastline from Moncton to Florida.

From a modest start in a small, one- oven facility with 21 employees located in the Caledonia Estates park in July, of 1996, Atlantic Waffles has been stacking up sales of pre-cooked waffles, strudels and pancakes on residential dining tables in steadily increasing numbers. Enough so, that the company has recently expanded into eight ovens supported by 140 employees, operating on a 24 hour over 5 day week. A skeleton weekend crew produces pancakes, which are also gaining in market demand.

According to Greg Peckham, Plant Manager of the Caledonia facility, the company is diversifying its product line beyond the traditional staples of the morning breakfast products.

"The accelerated routines of modern living, plus the demands on an individual's time are creating markets for quality products. Products that can be quickly prepared, garnished, and then available for immediate serving," says Peckham.

He adds, "this immediate meal preparation market is one that our company is targeting by selling private label production to supermarket chains who wish to offer pre-cooked, high quality meal and desert components to their customers".

Atlantic Waffles Inc., of Moncton and Western Waffles of Delta, specialize in fresh and frozen food products. Atlantic Waffles recently expanded their Caledonia Estates plant to triple its previous size, which is now a 74,000 sq. ft. complex of preparation areas, ovens, chill and ship rooms pushing product out the door as fast as time and labour can allow.

The company's waffles are produced on a continuous production line in an elapsed time of about 20 minutes. For the consumer, the benefit of having tasty, high quality breakfast products is the time saving gained by having toaster ready products to consume at home.

Atlantic and Western Waffles are the only company to include a variety of fresh fruit in the making of its waffles.

Atlantic Waffles parent company, Western Waffles was founded by Ole Elmer, a Danish entrepreneur with a dream to create the finest waffle in North America. Elmer has spent his entire life in the food industry and was trained as a French chef. He has cooked in logging and mining camps, owned a successful catering company, and now "presides over Canada's fastest growing waffle company", according to company publicity material.

In 1990, Elmer founded Western Waffles, which today is described as one of North America's largest waffle production companies. Peckham explains that Elmer and his management team were attracted to locate in Moncton to serve the eastern seaboard of the Atlantic Coast and by the City's strategic location and positive business environment.

The company is projecting a move into a broader product line, as they continue to meet the demand for tasty, high quality meals in a box, ready to heat, serve and dine. They are designing products to meet the stresses of career supported families looking to pick up a little time in the meal preparation timeline.

Atlantic Waffles and the team lead by Greg Peckham is baking tons of products to serve this growing time sensitive marketplace of meal hungry consumers.

August, 2000