Moncton Selected as Top City for Business

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Canadian Business Magazine has selected Moncton, New Brunswick as their choice for Top Canadian City for business. Such recognition shows that Moncton has indeed come a long way from the "dark days" of the mid 1980's when its largest employer Canadian National began closing out various operations in this city. But one of the strengths of Moncton is that it did not quit. In fact, the city's motto is Resurgo and living up to that motto, the city has risen again and risen to the lofty heights to now be named Canada's number one city for business.

This resurgence is reflected in the many new businesses that have established operations in Moncton over the past decade. It is reflected in the growth of local businesses whether in the manufacturing sector or business services and more. It is reflected in the community investment that has been made in its industrial parks and in it's downtown. Moncton is a city for business. It is a regional shopping centre, it is a regional distribution centre, it is a call centre and back-office centre, it is a medical centre and it is an educational centre.

When looking at Moncton for business, consider some of the major projects that have come here. There's Shoppers Drug Mart's distribution centre, there is Atlantic Wholesalers (subsidiary of Loblaws) and their multi distribution operations, there is Shur-Gain's new feedmill, currently under construction and there is the new Irving Personal Care plant. Most recently, national brewer Molson Inc. added to the list with the announcement of Moncton as the location for their newest brewery. Here's a taste of what Canadian Business had to say:

"It's all too easy to poke holes in Molson Inc.'s recent business plans, particularly in light of the proposed merger with Adolph Coors Co., which as yet has failed to win over shareholders. The company's latest gambit, though — a $35-million state-of-the-art brewing palace in Moncton, N.B. — actually makes a lot of sense. Moncton is centrally located in Molson's hitherto weakest sales territory, the Maritimes; it has a bilingual workforce that must appeal to the Montreal-based brewer; and it provides proximity to the U.S. northeast, a prime market for beer exports. But Moncton is also the best place to open a business in Canada outside Quebec, according to a new Canadian Business study. Not bad for the sleepy little town of 120,000, most noted for its aptly named tidal bore, and Magnetic Hill, a natural optical illusion where cars appear to roll uphill."

Why would Molson choose Moncton as their location of choice? First is Moncton's location at the centre of the Maritimes, that makes for fast efficient distribution of their products. Think of the industrial park that will be home to Molson, Caledonia Industrial Estates sits immediately adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway making for fast access to that principal road link for the region. Think of Moncton's state-of-the-art water treatment plant which ensures the highest quality standards for drinking water anywhere in the country. This new water plant is also a demonstration of the city's commitment to business as it was built under a Public Private Partnership. Think of the people working here, reliable with very low turnover rates, a high percentage with bilingual capabilities. There is so much that makes Moncton an ideal location for business, here's another excerpt from Canadian Business:

"Nevertheless, Molson, like Sun Life, also decided to go small — and chose Moncton over a larger Atlantic city. It's just one of many businesses that have recently picked Moncton. Others include Irving Personal Care Ltd., owned by the Irving family, which opened a $60-million baby-diaper manufacturing plant in June; and Shur-Gain, a division of Maple Leaf Foods, which is building a $15-million feed mill. It's a far cry from the 1970s and 1980s when Moncton lost the CN Rail shops, which at one point employed more than a quarter of its workforce, Swift's meat packing plant and a bunch of other companies. Now, the city is far more diversified than its call-centre days of the 1990s, with manufacturing job growth currently keeping pace with call-centre employment."

Moncton is a top city for business. The many companies that have established major operations here whether it be Royal Bank, UPS, Purolator, Fairmont Hotels, the Irving Group, Shoppers Drug Mart, or Maple Leaf Foods all clearly show Moncton's changed image in the business world. Thank you Canadian Business for spreading our story.

December, 2004