Food Sector Power's Moncton's Manufacturing Industry

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Two of the fastest growing companies in the manufacturing sector in the Moncton Industrial Parks are finding growth by baking dough products in a ready to heat and eat format that mixes consumer's concern over time saving and convenience.

A third manufacturer, Hub Meat Packers is supporting a new initiative by the beef producers in the region to promote a consumer confidence branding initiative.

Fancy Pokket is preparing to expand yet again as the largely private label bakery that has built a baking niche killer from a base of Lebanese pita products and is now setting its considerable marketing and distribution skills on the value added quick meal sector.

The Fancy Pokket bakery is just ten years old and has mastered the art of making both pita products and bagels a staple of consumers in Atlantic Canada and Caribbean export markets. The privately held Fancy Pokket is readying yet another expansion to wrap a bread package around meal ingredients and add more quick meal convenience to time sensitive consumers.

A second rapidly growing and expanding company, Atlantic Waffles has a recently expanded plant preparing to add additional products to the morning offering of pre-prepared waffles and pancakes for those consumers who want warm up convenience items for breakfast.

The company, a division of Western Waffles of Vancouver, BC, came to Moncton to reach the eastern markets of Canada and to push their private label products down the eastern seaboard of the United States. The two career family unit is looking for instant meals at home and Atlantic Waffles is growing rapidly to make sure that the quick meal they reach for comes from their modern production bakery in Moncton.

Hub Meat Packers, now a subsidiary of the huge food product conglomerate Canada Packers is enjoying the results of over 30 years of growth to become the premium distributor of meat products in Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean. Now, with a new distribution opportunity opening up within the corporate relationship with parent Canada Packers, the Sunrise product line is opening up new market horizons in the larger central Canadian markets as well as south of the New Brunswick border.

August, 2000