City Wide Courier Expands Armour's Customer Service Reach

City Wide Courier joined the Armour Transportation System and two things happened at once.

Armour, the freight company added the on demand convenience of offering their customers a one stop shop for moving heavy freight or envelopes across the City or across the Maritimes from one central database administration.

The second thing that happened is that City Wide got a whole lot more efficient, as now courier containers could be added to freight vans travelling on regular daily schedules among ATS terminals. City Wide immediately became a courier company with the capability to ship parcels of any size and weight anywhere in Atlantic Canada, direct through the ATS freight network.

City Wide operates a fleet of 35 courier vans throughout the Maritimes and is totally integrated into the computer based freight management systems that powers the Armour Transport System.

With Ralston Armour acting as VP and Elmer Berry Jr., son of the founder of City Wide, acting as General Manager, City Wide Courier continues to grow. The Courier Division is now taking advantage of the computer tracking power of the ATS computer systems to offer courier customers in Maritime centres the latest in timely technology and courier delivery from its operations hub on Edinburgh Drive in the Moncton Industrial Park.

City Wide trucks and vans are showing up all over central Atlantic Canada, representing another growth area for City Wide and the ATS network of trucks.

25 Years of Daily Service Tradition Still Growing City Wide

"Right from day one when the late Herman Berry Sr. started up City Wide, we've been running against the clock and responding to what customer's need to have delivered in a hurry. Because we can deliver in the same day throughout NB, we've gained a lot of customers who want that kind of service," says City Wide staff.

"Same day service and integration with ATS and their affiliates throughout Atlantic Canada enables City Wide to offer delivery to most major cities. We guarantee fast & efficient pick-up & delivery and competitive rates. If you need something delivered in a hurry we also have dedicated services available, just call and we haul 24 hours a day" says the City Wide spokesperson.

City Wide, like the parent company Armour, started with one truck and the company's founder Herman Berry Senior, who with his son started the company by delivering parcels and envelops across the City, filling a niche that larger trucking companies were not filling at the time. Mr. Berry started with one small truck doing light deliveries and offering courier service to local businesses in the Greater Moncton area.

Take a walk through the City Wide Hub location on Edinburgh Drive in the City's west end and the humming din of trucks moving, packages being handed off, with pallets sliding and doors swinging, can be intimidating. All of this hurried action is happening amid the jangle of ringing phones and relayed messages, which gives an immediate taste of what real time delivery operation is like for a company.

City Wide manager, Berry Jr. and his staff deal with the constantly ringing phones and calmly dispatch instructions directing a fleet of small vans, which keeps City Wide hustling to keep up with customer's demands for immediate delivery and/or pick-up.

City Wide, after 25 years of growth and integration within the larger regional operation of ATS, is poised for accelerated growth among a broad niche market of customers who want to get something delivered immediately at the local level. Now as part of ATS, local can be anywhere in Atlantic Canada."

July, 2003