Best Drinking Water by the Best Processing Method in Canada

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The City of Moncton is a Canadian H2O compliant community and proud of it.

"I believe Moncton has the best drinking water in Canada, because of our commitment to exceeding national guidelines for drinking water and attract the best technology and plant operators available. Today, our Moncton water treatment plant is second to none in Canada," says Mayor Brian Murphy.

"Water is going to be a determining issue in any location decision concerning a community in Canada in the future. Moncton is in a great position to be able to provide scientific assurances concerning the quality of water you consume when living and working here. This is a tremendous benefit for Moncton to be able to offer," says Mayor Murphy.

He adds, "Moncton stands second to none with respect to the resources and quality of life it can offer to companies looking to expand or relocate. Top quality, reliable and affordable water are key criteria for business location choices," says Murphy. Late in 1999, the municipality brought on-line, a state-of-the-art water processing facility that insures that every cup or tank of water used in Moncton is compliant with and superior to the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water, say municipal officials.

The clearness quality of municipal drinking water is set according to the Canadian drinking water guidelines, which is set at 1.0 NTU. Moncton's water measurement for the same standard at the plant site is 0.1 NTU. While this is just one of several performance measurement levels for municipal water, it is a powerful indicator that the City of Moncton ranks in the top tier of any municipal water supply in the country, according to the professionals managing Moncton's water quality levels.

The private-public partnership formed for Moncton, is a first in Canada and has resulted in Moncton being able to lay claim to the municipal water capital of Canada, say municipal officials. Moncton's public-private partnership operates a 102,300 M3/day [22.5 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD)] water treatment plant with an expansion capability to 136,400 M3/day (30 MIGD) serving the Greater Moncton population area of 110,000 plus residents.

Water as a business advantage
Mayor Murphy sees another unique business advantage in having premium quality municipal water to offer specialized business operations in the burgeoning high tech manufacturing sector, which need a reliable supply of high quality water supply. "For example, electronics and pharmaceutical companies often have a small physical footprint, but can require (relatively) large volumes of extremely high purity water for their manufacturing processes".

"We have something of significant value to offer to any corporate high tech company that needs a level of water quality that can be easily upgraded to the highly pure state required for certain manufacturing processes'' says Moncton's Mayor.

The Mayor adds that having an existing business relationship with USF Canada as a supply partner makes it extremely easy for an industrial upgrade contract to provided for those high tech customers that require such reliable supply levels of commercially pure water".

Wallace MacKinnon, project vice president, USF Canada agrees with Mayor Murphy's projection of the value of high quality water as an ingredient in economic development.

"Moncton has a water quality that is second to none and today in Canada. Water is not something that any municipality competing for business location decisions can take for granted. We can help Moncton market itself as a premium location for semi-conductor, pharmaceuticals and those high tech companies that require commercial water supply of the highest quality", says MacKinnon.

He adds that his company can offer significant advantages and cost savings to create an industrial upgrade facility for the client company that can potentially save a client company $2-3 Million in extra costs. " Moncton's positioning on the water quality and supply issues offers them a significant economic development opportunity", says MacKinnon.

"The City of Moncton took the initiative in becoming the first Canadian City to take advantage of a drinking water partnership with private industry," adds MacKinnon.

USFilter Canada, contract operators of the Moncton water treatment plant, is a component of the largest water and wastewater technologies and services company in the world, Vivendi Water. The company's industrial clients include major companies such as General Motors, Alcan Aluminum, IBM, OxyChem, and Samsung Electronics.

The City of Moncton purchases the water processing plant from USF Canada and project developer, The Hardman Group, Ltd., over a 20-year lease and license agreement, which gives Greater Moncton Water Ltd., exclusive rights to sell water to the municipality. The unique arrangement between the city and its private sector partners enables Moncton to assume ownership without financing up-front capital investment in the facility. USF Canada will oversee and manage plant operations.

"This unique partnership arrangement enables the City of Moncton to assume ownership of the facility without having to make any up-front capital investment, " says Mayor Murphy.

Greater Moncton Water Ltd. is a New Brunswick incorporated company owned by USF Canada Inc., London, Ont., and The Hardman Group Ltd., Halifax. USF Canada is a branch of U.S. Filter Corporation, Palm Desert, California, which operates more than 260 water and wastewater plants in North America. The Hardman Group is a private company that provides consulting, construction management and real estate services in Atlantic Canada.

Shortly after the first water test quality results were in, the Moncton City council and US Filter, operator of the new water treatment plant in Moncton, ran a national newspaper ad announcing the City's new status as a municipality meeting the Canadian Drinking Water Standards.

The Moncton plant utillizes a multi-media, high rate adsorption/clarification process designed to remove turbidity, color, iron and manganese, as well as microbial contaminants including viruses, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium from the water supplied from the Moncton watershed area.

"Delivering high quality water to the citizens of Greater Moncton was the driving force behind this water treatment project. Our goal is to deliver water that meets or exceeds Canadian Drinking Water Standards," says Brian Murphy, Mayor of Moncton. "The City of Moncton is committed to providing safe, clean drinking water to the tri-community area."

The privately operated plant sells water to the municipality over a 20-year term and ownership reverts to the City once the terms of the contract are met. In April 1998, Greater Moncton Ltd., a New Brunswick incorporated company owned by USF Canada, Inc. (85%) and The Hardman Group Limited (15%), was awarded the 20-year contract based on its technical merit, corporate capabilities and price.

"The city quickly realized the benefits of a public-private partnership such as cost savings and stabilized rates, guaranteed safety and compliance, and an increased opportunity for improved infrastructure. And, our water and wastewater technical and engineering qualifications combined with our ability to finance and manage the project provided a viable option for the city", adds MacKinnon.