Your Bill and/or Cheque are Going To Be in Email and Whitehill Technologies continues to grow

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Since the beginning of time, the ability to generate an accurate invoice, deliver it, and subsequently send an acknowledgement of completed transactions has previously been an expensive, time and labour intensive part of any business.

That is until now, thanks to the emergence of the Internet as an electronic distribution channel and the programming efforts of Whitehill Technologies Inc., located in Caledonia Industrial Estates. Headquartered in Moncton, Whitehill Technologies Inc. provides software solutions, professional services and technical support to customers around the world.

Today, Whitehill is creating new software programs that automate and electronically deliver for presentation; invoices and payment procedures referred to as ecommerce applications. Even more, the company is expanding the capacity of their offices with the addition of 8,000 sq.ft. and the addition of some 80 or more new employees. This will enable the company to better serve their rapidly expanding customer base which nearly doubled in 2001.

The company, which developed an international reputation for developing and marketing a specialized application for legal offices, is now rapidly expanding its ecommerce application software to a global market.

If Whitehill's program designers have their way, the battle with paper invoices and snail mail will be an option, not a costly obligation. Our goal, says a company spokesperson," is to put the "e" for "e"fficiency into ecommerce."

Whitehill Technologies is a leading provider of software for the capture, transformation and delivery of legacy data into dynamic e-bills and statements. Whitehill's products allow small to medium size companies to deploy e-billing solutions with unprecedented speed.

"Whitehill focuses on enabling e-commerce strategies. With a proven track record in providing solutions to repetitive billers world wide, our products address the critical issues of Data Transport, Web Presentment and Document Transformation", says a company spokesperson.

"Whitehill provides software for the capture and transformation of printed documents into dynamic e-bills and statements, which allow small to medium size companies to deploy complete e-billing and reporting solutions with unprecedented speed".

Whitehill estimates that over 45,000 users in 300 locations around the world rely upon Whitehill products for the creation and distribution of professional, customized bills and reports.

To extend their reach into global ecommerce, Whitehill is participating in a joint venture with Aliant Telecom.

The four-month Whitehill pilot (announced in June, 2000), with Aliant Telecom and will test Whitehill's use of a new emerging programming language for Internet program applications called XML (Extensible Markup Language) solution,

The new product, Whitehill Transport, will be tested with selected Aliant employees in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia focusing on the creation and distribution of Web-enabled bills and statements.

"We are very pleased to be working with a recognized industry leader like Aliant Telecom," said Bob Rybak, President and CEO of Whitehill Technologies Inc., in making the announcement

"Whitehill's products transform text or numerical output from any system into fully customized word processing, spreadsheet or Web documents. As back-office tools, these products are designed to publish customized output in high-volume environments. They can also intelligently distribute output to designated recipients via e-mail, across local area networks (LANs), network printers and can be used to auto-update Internet content" says Rybak.

August, 2000