Moncton Industrial Park West - an old name with a new face!

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Moncton's newest industrial park is an extension of its older namesake but with a whole new identity, new sites and new access. You could say it's an old name with a new face!

Moncton Industrial Park West is on the west side of the original park, hence its dramatic new name. The West park is some 640 acres in total but most of that is land in reserve for future development. Phase One of the West park has opened 120 acres for new business development with lots ranging in size from 1.6 acres to 7.2 acres. Of course adjacent lots can be purchased together to create a larger site if needed.

The West park is also as its name implies situated on the west side of the city along Berry Mills Road. It is easily reached from anywhere in the city due to its proximity to the original Moncton Industrial Park and to Wheeler Blvd., the ring road connecting the tri-community area. Plus Berry Mills Road is a controlled access highway that runs directly to the Trans Canada Highway.

Work on Phase One began in late February of 2010 with the first half of the lots becoming available in December of that year. Work picked up after a winter hiatus in the spring of 2011 and continued on until all of this first phase was completed in November. Now, we have a park with all of the services in place, the streets are paved and the new LED streetlights are up.

The first adopter of this new park was Action Car and Truck Accessories which got in on the action early by picking out the prime spot right at the entrance to the park. Their new 75,000 sq.ft facility is a can't miss building in full view of all those traversing Berry Mills Road. The new facility houses the company's head office, its regional distribution centre and a retail and installation centre.

To be a first adopter takes vision and a lot of faith in the outcome. The streets had barely been cleared and grubbed when company head, John Chamberlaine, started discussions with MID about moving into this park. For his business, he saw the potential of this location with all of the traffic passing by but also he considered the benefits of its ease of access from throughout the area. By jumping on this opportunity, Action Car and Truck Accessories is seen by thousands of passersby each week.

It takes time to build good things and it took quite a while to build Phase One. There is a lot of work involved in building all of the underground services, the storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines, the water lines and then constructing the road base followed by the curb and gutter and finally the paving. Added to that is the installation of power lines and streetlighting. Only then is an industrial park truly a useable functioning entity.

Moncton Industrial Park West carries the zoning designation of Industrial Park. The permitted uses are varied which opens the park to a wide range of prospective companies. There is the potential for warehousing and distribution, or it could be manufacturing or transportation, it might be sales or wholesale operations. It is a park just waiting to discover the new opportunities.

Being a new industrial park, the approach incorporated more current thinking and practices with respect to the environment. Stormwater management is an important element in relation to its impact on the municipal system. With the goal set to achieving a net zero impact, that would ensure that the flow of stormwater would not require an increase in the capacity of the municipal system. To achieve this, four stormwater detention facilities have been constructed.

When a heavy rain event occurs, water accumulates in the facilities and slowly discharges into the overall system once that rain has subsided. So too with individual developments, they are required to manage stormwater on their properties through various retention and release methods.

The streetlighting throughout the West park is all LED streetlighing. For the individual properties that develop in the park, there is a requirement that their outdoor lighting be LED. As an encouragement for better environmental practices, MID rebates a portion of the purchase price based on the respective company employing some environmental benefits.

A landscaping reference guide has also been prepared to illustrate methods to reduce environmental impact. Rather than large lawns requiring frequent mowing, the guide offer suggestions on landscaping to reduce the mowing area. It also shows how the landscaped areas can be employed to assist in the stormwater management.

Moncton Industrial Park West, it's a brand new park expanding its older original namesake. This industrial park is just waiting for businesses looking for a new place to call home. The park is new, it's fresh and it's available.

Action was the first adopter but others are already finding their place with 3 new projects set for construction this summer.

Moncton Industrial Park West - it's a great location that just makes sense!

May 2012