Take a walk in the park!

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Moncton's industrial parks that is. Remember the old slogan let your fingers do the walking? Well, finger walking may not be recommended for exercise but in this case it is a useful exercise. All you need is an iPad and your fingers.

Visit the Apple Store and download a copy of the iParks Moncton app, then start walking. There's no need to watch for traffic. You don't need a warm coat or an umbrella. You don't need hiking boots or sunscreen. You just need to let those fingers go walking.

With Moncton Industrial Development's iParks Moncton app, you'll have information about our industrial parks at your fingertips. You'll be able to find available sites in Caledonia Industrial Estates or in Moncton Industrial Park West just by touching the screen.

A simple touch of the finger on the logo for either park takes you straight to a map of the respective park. From there, just keep on walking. Touch a lot on the map and up pops the information, the lot size, the price and the services. Or if you prefer, select List View and the full list of available lots in the park will pop up. Then simply scroll down and pick a lot with the touch of your finger.

Maybe you're looking for an existing building to purchase or lease. Look no further. This new app includes listings for buildings in the two industrial parks that are available. Simply touch the Listings button on the main menu and up pop the listings. You'll see a photo on the building plus some of the basic details. It also gives the contact for further information.

But that's not all. Wondering about the development guidelines and covenants, let your finger do the work and pick Covenants on the menu at the bottom of your screen. Perhaps you're looking for a business in Moncton Industrial Park or Caledonia Industrial Estates, it's easy, touch Companies on the menu and a list pops up. For the Moncton Park, the list also has a subcategory for the original Moncton park and for Moncton West.

If you're not familiar with Moncton's industrial parks, start by tapping the Overview selection. This will give you a brief introduction to the respective park, then move on to the Photo selection where you'll get a bird's eye view plus a few select photos of businesses currently in the parks.

This is an app focused specifically on the two industrial parks. If you are looking for a site for a new business location, iParks Moncton provides a quick and handy guide to the available sites. Then if you need some additional information, simply touch the Contact button and you'll be able to send an email to MID or you can select the web site address and it will take you directly to the Moncton For Business website. Of course, we also welcome phone calls.

So take the first step and visit Apple's App Store, type in iParks Moncton and download this free application. Then, just take a walk in the parks.

Moncton Industrial Development

August 10, 2012