Moncton's Industrial Parks are at the Centre of the Region!

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Many years ago, the City of Moncton was dubbed the Hub City. While that was never an official title, it clearly conveyed the advantage of the city for any business looking for an efficient economic solution to their site selection needs. The city hasn't moved, it is still in the same location and that advantage is still the strength of the community.

Location, location, location is the time tested first three rules for success of pretty much any business. When it comes to Moncton, the three locations can also be used to describe our industrial parks: Caledonia Industrial Estates, Moncton Industrial Park and the all new Moncton Industrial Park West. These parks facilitate the site selection demands for companies in need of a new manufacturing base, a new distribution operation, a wholesale business or simply a regional sales operation.

Caledonia Industrial Estates sits on the north side of the city alongside the Trans Canada Highway. With an interchange providing direct on and off access to the highway, the park is strategically located for anyone shipping their products via highway ground transportation. With acceleration lanes designed specifically for transport trucks and rising off ramps that reduce ware on the brakes, this park is ideal for the heavy movers.

Some well know names operate out of Caledonia. Shoppers Drug Mart has a 230,000 sq. ft distribution centre to serve its multitude of stores throughout Atlantic Canada. Loblaw Atlantic has two operations in this park, one at 185,000 sq. ft and another at 126,000 sq. ft., the latter being a very cold frozen foods facility. Irving Person Care established their 150,000 sq. ft diaper manufacturing plant in this park. This was followed up a couple years later, with Molson opening their first new brewery in over 50 years and that brewery is in Caledonia. With 110,000 sq. ft, there is plenty of room to pump our thousands of bottles of the popular suds. Newer to the Caledonia family is McKesson Canada which just recently opened their new 150,000 sq. ft distribution centre, a consolidation of their previous Halifax and Moncton operations.

Moncton Industrial Park is the senior member of these three locations. Launched in 1960 with the acquisition of 120 some acres, the first company to locate in the park was Domtar Packaging. Some years later this was taken over by Norampac who continue to operate from the same spot today. Over time the park grew to its current overall size of 600 acres. Today, all of the lots in this park have been sold but nevertheless, there are frequently leasing opportunities and purchasing opportunities as companies change things up. Some of the biggest firms in the park are Armour Transportation, the region's largest transport company and Royal Bank which operates their Royal Direct telebanking facility with some 750 employees. This park is situated on the west side of the city alongside Wheeler Blvd., a ring road that connects the tri community area, providing ease of access for employees and for the companies shipping operations. It is also adjacent to CN's rail and Intermodal yards.

The newest kid on the block is Moncton Industrial Park West. Situated on the west side of the older Moncton park, this new park offers a lot of potential for future growth. The overall area of the park comprises 640 acres, equivalent to the original park. Construction of Phase One was completed in early November of last year opening up a total of 120 acres. Action in the park has already begun as the company of that name, Action Car and Truck Accessories, got in early and acquired the first lot in the park before construction was complete. They have now built their new facility and are in full operation. Phase One is entered from Berry Mills Road which is a controlled access highway running from Wheeler Blvd. to the Trans Canada Highway. The park is ideal for serving the community area or for heading out throughout the region.

In these uncertain economic times, business people are analyzing their operations looking for increased efficiencies and to reduce their costs. A Moncton location works towards both goals. No less a firm than KPMG in their bi-annual Competitive Alternatives study has consistently ranked Moncton in the top cities in Canada for business operations. There are some very good reasons.

First is that three locations maxim, the city at the centre creates efficiency for the movement of goods to market, that saves time and it saves money. Our workforce is reliable with very low turnover rates, a factor that reduces overall labour costs. Moncton is Canada's only officially bilingual city and the high percentage of the population that speak both official languages make it more efficient and cost effective for business to operate in a bilingual environment.

On the personal side of life, the cost of housing is still very affordable. There are plenty of recreation and entertainment opportunities with the beaches of the Northumberland Strait just twenty minutes away or maybe it's the many golf courses within a short drive. Think of U2, the super group that concluded their world tour in Moncton. Or maybe it's the Hub Cap Comedy Festival which lightens up the community in the cool days and nights of February each year. Moncton is also a regional shopping destination.

In short, there is more to Moncton than just cost and time efficiencies. Sure those are important but so is the personal living side of life. Take a look at Moncton and you may find there are more than three location reasons to have your business here.

February, 2012