Caledonia Industrial Estates - Moncton's distribution centre!

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Moncton has long been known as the Hub of the Maritimes, a moniker that certainly holds true today, after all, the city hasn't relocated. That central location is key for the movement of goods and people throughout the region. When it comes to ground transportation, the Trans Canada Highway is the primary route through the region. What could be better than to have a premier industrial park situated alongside that highway and at the centre of the region.

Caledonia Industrial Estates is just such an industrial park. It has a great location, it has some very impressive corporate residents and it has room to welcome new neighbours. The total park area is 1,660 acres with approximately 960 acres in the developed area. At the time of writing, a total of 274 acres are available for new projects.

Just who is here? Shoppers Drug Mart was an early adopter building its distribution centre in Caledonia in 1995. Initially 150,000 sq.ft, the facility, operated by Matrix Logistics, expanded to its current 230,000 sq. ft. Another early adopter, Loblaw Atlantic has two very large food distribution facilities in the park. Their newest is a 126,000 sq.ft freezer facility which opened for business in 2010. Irving Personal Care operates a 150,000 sq.ft diaper manufacturing plant providing private label product under a wide range of names.

Spielo Gaming International is the largest employer in the park with over 400 people working from its primary building. A company that was created and launched by a home grown entrepreneur it has grown to be a big player in the design and manufacture of gaming machines and lottery terminals. Molson is a well know name in Canada, one of its oldest brewers. In 2007, Molson opened its first new brewery in over 50 years and that brewery is in Caledonia. Now known as Molson Coors, this new brewery has found success in Moncton.

Keeping the park growing, this year a new 150,000 sq.ft distribution facility is currently under construction and across the street a 65,000 sq.ft distribution centre is just getting underway. Nearby a new multi tenant building is also in the early stages of development. The multi tenant facility is ideal for those smaller operations that want to take advantage of this park's location.

And so, Caledonia isn't just for big operations, it has a mix of large and small, local and national. It has several lots available for smaller projects and it has sites available for large scale projects.

Caledonia is ideally suited for doing business throughout the region but it is also well situated in relation to the community as a whole. The airport is just 4 km away via Harrisville Blvd. A variety of residential areas are nearby and for those that enjoy a round of golf, Royal Oaks is just up the road. Then for summer interests, it's only 15 to 20 minutes out to the beaches. Adding to the attraction of the park, we have built a walking trail alongside Humphreys Brook which runs through the centre of the park. This provides a great getaway for a short health break.

Moncton offers many attributes to make any business successful. Its high percentage of bilingual citizens makes it easier for business to communicate across the region and across the country. In Moncton, turnover is low as once hired, our employees are very reliable. As a small city, it is also easy to get around. There are no long commutes to get to work, no worries of being tied up in a traffic jam for an hour or two. Plus, it means employees get to work ready to go, not tired and drawn from the commute.

The cost of housing has become more expensive across the country but in Moncton, there is still a wide range of housing that is affordable and within reach of most working people. And while the city is small, it doesn't act like it. Recently world renowned rock band U2 held the worldwide tour ending concert in Moncton. With 75,000 fans in attendance, U2 blasted the calm of the evening away. The Canadian Football League held its first ever regular season game in Atlantic Canada in Moncton last year. Its second ever game in this region is once again in Moncton this September.

While you might think of Moncton as small, we think big and dream big. That's why we've built industrial parks like Caledonia, because we think this community is good for big business while also being proud of its small business. If your company is searching for a new business location, this community and this industrial park might just be the right fit. Try us on.

September, 2011