Moncton Industrial Park West - down to the last stretch!

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Moncton's newest industrial park is in the late stages of the development of Phase One. This new park situated along Berry Mills Road on Moncton's west side is sure to become a hot address in the next few years. It is easily reached from anywhere in the city due to its proximity to the original Moncton Industrial Park and to Wheeler Blvd., the ring road connecting the tri-community area.

First to see its potential is Action Car and Truck Accessories which is on the home stretch and doing the finishing touches to their new 75,000 sq.ft facility. Sitting right at the entrance to the new park in full view of all those traversing Berry Mills Road, this new building just can't be missed. Action is consolidating and growing with this location. It will be the company's new head office, it will be a distribution centre and it will be a retail and installation centre.

To say that Action saw the potential of this new park is a bit of an understatement. Work had barely begun with the clearing and grubbing for the new streets when company head, John Chamberlaine, contacted MID to find out more about the possibilities. He was impressed with the location and could see the potential as a great opportunity for his company to make a statement by having the number one spot in a completely new park. This gives the company high visibility, it demonstrates their commitment to quality through the quality of the new building and it shows his confidence in this community.

Action started work on its site last December just after part one of the Phase One development was finished enough to allow for access. That takes a big leap of faith and a strong sense of vision as it still had a long way to go before completion of this phase. Fast forward to early September, 2011 and the company has started to move into its new building. The part one streets are now being paved while part two is also nearing its finish. All of the underground services are in place for part two and currently the crushed stone is being place to create the road base. Once that's done, the curbing crew will return followed by the paving crew. If all goes well the entire Phase One should be paved and opened by the end of October.

It's been a challenging year for construction. An unusually wet spring and summer definitely slowed the pace of work considerably. In fact, weather has set us back a full two months in the prime time of year for construction. But we cannot control the weather, we just have to deal with it and while we may be behind, we are still moving forward and nearing completion.

Once Phase One is fully completed, a total of 120 will have been opened for development. Under the new zoning designation of Industrial Park, the permitted uses are varied which ensures a potential for a wide range of companies. But zoning is just one issue, finish is the other. As a new industrial park, there has been thought given to being much more up to date with respect to its environmental considerations. For instance, stormwater management was set to achieve net zero, i.e., to ensure that the flow of stormwater into the municipal system did not require an increase of capacity in that system. To achieve this, four stormwater detention facilities have been constructed. When a heavy rain event occurs, water accumulates in the facilities and slowly discharges into the overall system once that rain has subsided. So too with individual developments, they are required to manage stormwater on their properties through various retention and release methods. In other elements, the streetlighting throughout the new park is all LED streetlighing. So to for individual properties, there is a requirement to use LED lights for their outdoor lighting needs.

A landscaping reference guide has also been prepared to illustrate methods to reduce environmental impact. Rather than large lawns requiring frequent mowing, the guide offer suggestions on landscaping to reduce the mowing area. It also shows how the landscaped areas can be employed to assist in the stormwater management.

Yes this is an industrial park but that is no reason for properties to develop that don't meet the standards for quality, environment and finish. As an incentive, we offer a Performance Rebate on all lots sold. This rebate of a defined percentage of the purchase price rewards those that simply fulfill the agreement related to development, in short, by doing what they agree to do at the outset.

Phase One of this new park may not be complete yet but the park is open for business and we welcome all inquiries. This just could be the place for your company's new operations. It's new, it's fresh and it's available.

Moncton Industrial Park West - it's time is arriving!

September, 2011