Moncton Parks Home to Smart Process Driven Manufacturers

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Increasingly the manufacturing industries in the Moncton Industrial Parks are driven by a product development process that puts more emphasis on the knowledge component of the solution that is placed on the actual physical form that it takes.

The examples of these smart process, knowledge product manufactures are everywhere.

Micro Optics Design Corporation in the Moncton Industrial Park is engaging a global market potential for eye glass lens makers to engage their new computer assisted lens grinding lab process in the fulfilling of prescriptions.

The market for their systems is huge and from a manufacturing and R&D plant in Moncton with a sales office and headquarters in California, Micro Optics is attempting to revolutionize the business and crafting side of making eyeglass lens. The processing system, UltraLab tm a virtual lens plant-in-a-box is being marketed to the companies servicing the millions of people in the world who on a daily basis, reach for a prescription pair of glasses to enhance their vision.

A local company with a global marketing focus is Greystone Energy Systems . The products that Greystone sells from office in Moncton and in China are the smart control systems that monitor and measure the interior environment of a building.

As buildings get smarter and more energy efficient in the use of energy the market for the many products developed and manufactured at Moncton's Greystone plant are in more demand.

The increasingly sophisticated systems are often automated and tied to computer operating systems as the company responds to the worldwide demand for better control systems for air and environmental quality assurance programs.

The rapid emergence of electronic commerce, which is a global phenomenon in how customers relate to business operations and how transactions are conducted among the various members of a supplier chain is the focus of Whitehill Technologies Inc, of Caledonia Industrial Estates.

Whitehill is focusing their programming and marketing skills on one of the oldest exchanges among those individuals and companies doing business with one another which is the presentation of a "bill" for services rendered. Every business and every transaction in every working language of every country in the World is being changed by the move to electronically conducted transactions and Whitehill intends to be a major supplier of ecommerce systems as a result.

New economy technology plants in Moncton's Industrial Parks are focusing their global market products on new processes including: enhancement of vision from automated grinding of eyeglass lens; the quality of interior air in buildings; and electronic payment methods.