Moncton Industrial Park West... it's where the Action is!

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The new Moncton Industrial Park West is now open for business and that means we're ready for Action!

The first stage of the construction in the new Moncton Industrial Park West wrapped up in late November. With the underground services in place and the crushed stone for the road base complete, the subdivision plan was registered and lots are now available for sale. In fact the first lot has already been sold.

That was step one and now the real Action is underway. Well-known Moncton company Action Truck Caps and Accessories has lived up to its name by taking action to become the first company to buy and build in Moncton's newest industrial park. The streets may not be paved, in fact they won't be until the fall of 2011, but this dynamic company wanted to be there, ready and open for business when it's done.

Action, a company with over 30 retail locations throughout Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Manitoba is building a new facility for their corporate office, distribution centre and retail store which will include a state of the art installation and fleet uplifting centre.

In addition to this new facility, Action is also very pleased to announce their new brand. In an effort to create an identity that represents what the company has become over the last 30 years, a new logo and name were recently developed which now brands them as Action Car & Truck Accessories.

Situated right on the corner of the main entry to the new park at Horsman Road and Berry Mills Road, once complete, this new facility will be in position to capture the vision of all travellers in the area. At 75,000 sq. ft. in full view of Berry Mills Road, the new Action will be hard to miss.

Action was established in 1980 with ambitions of making their Fiberglass Truck Caps available throughout the Maritimes. The company later increased its line of products and began to distribute a wide variety of car and light truck accessories through a network of retail outlets in Atlantic Canada.

After two acquisitions in Ontario, the company has become a highly recognized brand name in the light truck accessory industry now operating out of 30 retail locations. In addition to these retail facilities, Action currently distributes product to a network of dealer and jobber accounts from two distribution facilities in Moncton, NB and Pickering, ON.

Over the last 30 years, Action has received a number of industry awards and has been recognized by some of the largest organizations in the Country.

With its established network of authorized dealers, corporate stores,distribution facilities and a fleet of company-owned vehicles, Action has been very successful in making its products available throughout Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Manitoba.

President John Chamberlaine is a man of vision and action. Very early on before the first tree was cut for the new park, Mr. Chamberlaine became aware of plans for this new development. At the time, he was doing his own planning to consolidate and expand his Moncton operations. So, he sought out Moncton Industrial Development (MID) to inquire about the new park and find out when sites would be available.

"Our company continues to grow and we've reached the point where we simply needed larger premises" said Mr. Chamberlaine "but we also wanted a location with high visibility for all of our existing and potentially new customers locally. This new industrial park fits that bill."

"What also impressed me" he continued "was MID's vision for the park, with a high standard of development combined with consideration for the environment. We have taken that vision to heart as we work on our building and site plans."

Moncton Industrial Park West, as the name suggests is on the west side of the original Moncton Industrial Park. In total, MIP West is comprised of some 640 acres of land adjacent to the original Moncton park, separated only by CN's rail line. This amount of raw land will provide MID with plenty of development potential in the coming years. Coupled with its successful Caledonia Industrial Estates on the north side of the city, MID is once again able to offer prospective companies a choice of location to best fit their needs.

Having the land is one thing but to be of use, there is a lot of infrastructure required. There are water and sewer lines to service the park, streets and power lines to enable access and operations. Work began in late February on Part One of the first phase of development. Working in a somewhat seamless fashion, work began on Part Two over the course of the summer. The result is that lots within the Part One area are now available for sale and for development. The streets may not be paved yet but that is no impediment to new building construction. The solid road base of crushed stone ensures ease of access.

Meanwhile work continues on Part Two with most of the underground services now in place. Next, MID will be calling tenders for the curbing and paving of the entire phase one area. Of course, with a little thing called winter happening first, actual work on this aspect will only begin when spring dictates. By some point late next summer or early fall, the entire phase one will be paved and ready for Action and for anyone else that moves into the park.

Of course, Action itself will also be ready by that point. "Moncton Industrial Park West is both a logical extension of the original Moncton Industrial Park and an entirely new park" said MID President Mike Mann. "As an extension, it is building on the success and quality of that original park but as a new park, it is more attuned to today's needs and attitudes. The environment in all respects is given much more consideration today. To that end, we have incorporated measures to make this a more environmentally attuned industrial park."

A major issue in any new development is stormwater management. Once there is a large degree of new hard surfaces such as rooftops, parking lots and streets, stormwater no longer is simply absorbed into the ground or following nature's path. The result is a lot of added water moving into the municipal drainage system. That in turn can strain the system or require expensive upgrading.

With a target of net zero, this new park includes four stormwater detention facilities. During a storm event, water will accumulate in the "dry ponds" of these facilities and then be released into the municipal system on a controlled basis following that event.

Added to this are new development guidelines for businesses in the park to incorporate stormwater management techniques on their properties. These can be done in a variety of ways such as within the required landscape areas. In fact, MID has prepared a landscaping guide to illustrate potential methods for doing so.

The landscaping guide is another illustration of this new vision regarding the environment. Companies are being encouraged to do more than simply grade a property and throw grass seed down. Maintaining large areas of lawn entails mowing and the more mowing that is done the more we impact the environment. Instead, landscaping designs can utilize various means of natural vegetation while minimizing areas in need of mowing.

"What I like about this new industrial park is that it's more that an area for new business potential, it is a park that is striving to be a little different from our traditional industrial parks" says Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc. "This is not a nature park but it is taking an approach to be more environmentally sensitive in its development and we certainly look forward to seeing the businesses that establish in the park embracing this concept and doing their part."

MID is working to make Moncton Industrial Park West, an industrial park with a difference. By employing a more modern approach to its environmental impact while also working to create a park that sets a standard for quality of development by all its participants, MID is looking to the long term.

The new Development Covenants and Guidelines require more attention to detail than previously. There are requirements related to the environment as noted above. There are guidelines and recommendations for landscaping, building positioning and so on. Businesses will be encouraged to employ environmentally friendly practices with respect to their building, to their heating systems, lighting and so on.

It is MID's belief that having a high standard of development, that employing good environmental practices can be done without unduly increasing costs and inhibiting development.

Standards are important since what we do with our property has an impact on our neighbour's property and vice versa. A property that carries a high standard for its building aesthetics and quality, that goes the extra distance with its landscaping and with its overall maintenance, is an asset to its neighbour. A property that looks good, that is well maintained is a property that protects and increases its investment and value for years to come. That is the MID vision for this park.

"We are doing what we can to have a high standard of development in MIP West both in what we do and the quality of our clients' developments" said MID General Manager Peter Belliveau. "We are also extremely pleased to be able to announce our first project in the park and a project of a high quality company such as Action Car & Truck Accessories. Action has been operating for many years in Moncton from its two locations so this is a big step forward."

"Company President John Chamberlaine is quite obviously someone with a lot of vision, he has built a big company in a very competitive marketplace" continued Belliveau. "He has patience and determination, qualities that have enabled the company's growth. But what has really impressed me is John's appreciation for our vision of the new park and his willingness to work with us on that vision. I am really looking forward to the grand opening of the new facility next summer."

The City of Moncton has long been known as the Hub of the Maritimes. Being at the centre of the region, makes Moncton a strategic location for manufacturers, distribution and more. With two industrial parks offering prime sites with ease of access to road, rail and air, Moncton is able to offer a choice of top notch locations for prospective businesses. The new Moncton Industrial Park West and Caledonia Industrial Estates, a combination for Moncton's continued growth and success.

December 2014