Moncton Industrial Park West - a familiar name for a brand new development!

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It's been a long time coming but the first stage of work is wrapping up. Late February, snow was on the ground, the air was cold and the days were short. It was also when work began with tree clearing and grubbing to start the street layout for Moncton's newest industrial park. Yes, it's a new park but it's a park with a very familiar name.

It was back in 1960 when the tree cutting and street construction started for the first small section of the Moncton Industrial Park. Over time the park was expanded more than once with the last section opened in1980. Now, 50 years on, all of that has been completely sold out. So, we had to make a decision, what was to happen to this Moncton success story? The answer was simple, expand yet again. And so, Moncton Industrial Development, set about acquiring some 600 plus acres adjacent to the existing park on its west side.

Of course, being on its west side also made it easy to come up with a name. We wanted to trade on the success of the existing park but establish a new identity at the same time. The obvious and easy answer, Moncton Industrial Park West.

This wasn't an overnight decision. There was advance planning and evaluation. Then came the land acquisition, followed by detailed engineering planning and finally detailed engineering design for the initial section. Once all of this was complete, tenders were called which brings us back to late February when the chainsaws buzzed and the heavy equipment moved in.

The entire area currently being developed will open up some 120 acres creating a variety of sites for new business opportunity. Phase One of the development is actually being done in two parts. Part one will open up the first half of the lots and part two, the balance. But the parts are being carried out somewhat seamlessly in that even before part one was complete, work began on part two.

Now that we are into October, the underground services (sewer and water) and the road base are complete for part one while most of the underground is now complete for part two. Another aspect of this work is the building of stormwater detention facilities. These are essentially large "dry" ponds that allowed for stormwater runoff to accumulate in the pond rather than overload the municipal system. The aim is for a net zero impact. Both part one and part two will have two of these facilities.

The land is adjacent to the existing park on its west side connected by Delong Drive over the CN tracks. But for Phase One, entry will be from Berry Mills Road on the newly constructed extension of Horsman Road. To further facilitate such entry, the north side of Horsman Road has been realigned to meet at Berry Mills Road in a straight on intersection along with new traffic lights. In addition, a turning lane on the south side will further facilitate direct entry from Berry Mills Road right into the park.

When Spring arrives next year, work will begin with the curbing and paving so by this time next year, the entire Phase One will be complete and open.

In the meantime, the lots in part one will be available for sale and development by the end of October so interested parties don't have to wait for the full job to be complete. In fact, we already have our first commitment and the project is being readied for groundbreaking in the very near future, keep an eye out for news.

From the air, Phase One looks like a large racetrack. When complete, it certainly could be such a track but we trust drivers will treat it like any other city street. The shape is simply the most efficient way of opening this north section of the new park lands. In future, the main entry, Horsman Road, is intended to continue south to connect to Delong Drive and begin opening up the balance of the park land. But that will be some time down the road. We have also allowed for a second access street, Cooke Drive, to further enable the opening of the additional lands.

But this new park is more than just roads, we have a distinct vision for this park, a vision to make it a little different from what went before. Those detention facilities are an example of that vision as we take steps to lessen the environmental impact. We will also be enlisting the businesses that locate in the park to take up this challenge and employ environmental benefits in their landscaping, their lighting and in their building materials. We want Moncton Industrial Park West to be a showpiece for Moncton's industrial parks and a showpiece for those new businesses.

Moncton, New Brunswick is situated at the geographic centre of the Maritime provinces, it's the Hub. It is an ideal location for anyone doing business throughout the region, whether it's for manufacturing, distribution, or a regional office. And that ideal location is a major reason why our industrial parks have been successful. It simply makes good business sense.

Moncton Industrial Development operates two industrial parks - Moncton Industrial Park and Caledonia Industrial Estates. Both parks are complementary to each other. Different businesses have different needs and want a location that best fits those needs. These two parks offer the same type of general environment but each one also offers something different. Most important is that they provide choice. Moncton is the best place in Atlantic Canada for business and the choices we can offer for industrial parks helps to make it that way.