The Fox Takes Centre Stage

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For many years, Moncton Industrial Development has used nature's ambassadors as symbols of our industrial parks. The Moncton Industrial Park has been associated with a soaring hawk while Caledonia Industrial Estates has been symbolized by the moose, strong and in the wild.

When we began the expansion of the Moncton Industrial Park, we were looking for a means to differentiate this new section from the existing park. We were not trying to disassociate from the current park but rather, we wanted to indicate that we had something completely new, while at the same time, we wanted to show that we were building on the history of that park. After all, the reason for the expansion is directly related to the success of that industrial park, it was full and we needed room to grow.

But times also change and in today's business world we are all looking for ways to be more environmentally attuned. And so, this expansion has been planned to be more environmentally attuned while also projecting a high standard for industrial development. Okay, we had a plan, we had the land and that land is adjacent to the existing park. But the entrance for the first phase of development is completely separate from the current park, creating an impression of being distinct and by extension, needing its own identity.

So first off, what could be better as a name than Moncton Industrial Park West. The existing successful park is incorporated into the name while the new section in fact sits on the west side of that park. It's natural and it's obvious. The current park has long been graphically represented by that soaring hawk, so while we have a slight name change, what about the hawk? We felt that a new face was needed but in keeping with our established theme.

Introducing the Fox, the newest addition to the MID family and the representative of the new Moncton Industrial Park West.

The fox says it all. The fox represents nature, and an environment to be appreciated. The fox is fast and the fox is nimble; the fox is resourceful, some even say cunning, and the fox is known for its adaptability. Yes, this is an industrial park but an industrial park that respects its environment and in so doing is emblematic of the fast, nimble and astute companies that we look forward to welcoming to Moncton's newest industrial park.

The Moncton Industrial Park is a park with a successful history. The new Moncton Industrial Park West is now in the early stages of making its own history. Phase One is complete and lots are available so interested parties can secure the lot of their choice and get their new development underway.

Of course for those interested in our sister park, Caledonia Industrial Estates, we have a lot of available sites and would be happy to welcome more business to that park.

So whether it's for the new MIP West or for Caledonia, if you need information, call, email or simply browse our website.

Moncton Industrial Development 655 Main Street, Moncton NB E1C 1E8 Tel: 857-0700 email: mid@nb.aibn.com

updated February 2014