Moncton Industrial Park Version 2 - the vision is becoming a reality!

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50 years ago it all started when Moncton Industrial Development, a fledgling organization of the City of Moncton, acquired some 128 acres of land to launch the Moncton Industrial Park. Over time the full size grew to 600 acres and it did take those 50 years to develop all that land and sell out every lot. But 50 years is now 50 years gone by and today, we are rapidly building Version 2, maybe not for the next 50 but at least for the next few years.

It has been a long time coming, this is not just a quickly thought up idea in the dead of winter when the sun is low and the lights dim. Planning began five years ago as MID began to take a hard look at the feasibility of expanding the Moncton Industrial Park. Since that time, we went through several configurations, we did a lot of engineering evaluation, then we did the financial planning and pursuit of such financing. With all of the proverbial ducks lined up, we then started on the detailed engineering design for Phase One of this expansion.

Phase One will make some 120 acres available for new development. Phase One is as the title implies, just the beginning. In all, MID has approximately 600 acres of land to allow for future growth and expansion of the Moncton Industrial Park. With this land, MID has the area to accommodate many new business prospects for the coming years. But to begin with, we are opening up the first 120 acres.

The land is adjacent to the existing park on its west side connected by Delong Drive over the CN tracks. But for Phase One, entry will be from Berry Mills Road on the newly constructed extension of Horsman Road. To further facilitate such entry, the north side of Horsman Road is being realigned to meet at Berry Mills Road in a straight on intersection along with new traffic lights. In addition, a turning lane on the south side will further facilitate direct entry from Berry Mills Road right into the park.

Phase One will essentially be a loop road, called DesBrisay Ave. along with an initial stub street of Cooke Drive that will enable future extension into the lands south of the CN tracks which cross through the park lands. Also, in the long range plan will be an extension southward of Horsman Road to connect to Delong Drive.

So, let's get started, we did. Tenders were called and the first bulldozers were on site in late February of this year. The underground services are now in place for the first half of the development and work on the road base is underway. For the second half, the clearing and grubbing of the street alignment is complete and we are now working on the underground services.

By early Fall of this year, access to the first half of the lots will be available to prospective developers. The streets won't be paved at that point but work can begin on site. Paving won't occur until next year, there just isn't enough time in our weather calendar to do that much in one year. Even so, for those who get in early and start early, it takes time to build a building and all the attendant work related to that, so by the time any early projects are finished there will only be a relatively short period of this inconvenience.

To date, we have had a working title of MIP Version 2 but that just doesn't quite capture the excitement. Coming up with a wholly new name, detracts from its connection and location in relation to the existing Moncton Industrial Park. Our solution, we came up with the obvious. The new park is on the west side of the current park but it is not the current park so its name ties it to the existing while staking out its own distinctive name and style. Moncton Industrial Park West, it's more than a version 2.

So, there you have it. Work on the new park is progressing and it is somewhat ahead of schedule. The project is real, the new park is real and the new intersection connection is real. We have even optioned our first lot and come up with a new identity.

But it's more than an identity, we have a distinct vision for this park, we are working to make this new section different. We are working to employ a more modern approach to environmental impact and are working to create a park that sets a standard for quality of development by all its participants.

From our end of things, we are building a storm water system that will have a net zero impact on the downstream discharge. We are building sewer and water connections to each of the individual lots thereby averting the traditional digging up of the street for connections on new projects. We are planning to use LED lighting for our streetlights. And we have development a detailed Landscaping guide to help our clients adapt to new environmentally friendly techniques.

So here are the cornerstones of our vision:

MIP West is committed to development standards that improve the relationship of industry and the environment.

MIP West is committed to ensuring that an investment in this industrial park is an investment in quality and an investment that will retain its value. You are as good as your neighbour and your neighbour as good as you.

Yes, there is a lot of work left to do before clients can break ground but we are well on the way. Our target is to have lots accessible in the first half in the Fall of 2010 and the balance in late Spring, 2011.

So, your company needs to expand or maybe you're planning to start something completely new, now is the perfect time to take a close look at the new Moncton Industrial Park West. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a brand new subdivision. Act now to secure a site that's right for you. For more information, download the pdf's at the bottom of this page.



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