Midland Transport Celebrating 30 Years of Transportation Service

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No matter what major highway you enter New Brunswick on, from either I-95 in Maine or Route 2 from Quebec, the bright metallic green tractors and gleaming white trailers of Midland Transport appear to be coming from everywhere at once.

Midland serves Atlantic Canada from its Moncton transportation service hub and maintains a network of forwarding centres in the United States and the rest of Canada. The growing company is 30 years old this year and is using the technology of the Internet and telecommunications from distant satellites to build closer working relationships with the growing company's customers.

The company employs well over a thousand employees in maintaining nearly 2,000 equipment pieces, which is used to support the trucking lifeline for products that are moving in and out of Atlantic Canada.

Midland is actually an aggregate of freight specific smaller trucking firms all operating under the Midland banner in a coordinated corporate effort focused on matching the trucking needs of freight customers to the specific capabilities of the firm. The operating divisions include:

  • Midland Transport: General freight LTL (less-than-truckload) and truckload services within and between Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada as well as U.S. services.
  • Midland Prime Time: Midland's premium expedited service from Toronto and Montreal to Atlantic Canada.
  • Midland Econo Line: An economical, intermodal service for those shipments that are not as time sensitive.
  • Midland Courier: The choice for smaller sized shipments with the option of Next Day Air or fast, reliable Ground services across Canada.
  • Midland Coast Line: Refrigerated seafood transportation services specifically designed to meet the needs of the fishing and aquaculture industries.
  • Midland Green Line: Specializing in port-to-port container transportation between Atlantic Canada, Québec, Ontario and the U.S.
  • Midland Show Time: Fast transportation and complete coordination of trade show exhibits and materials.
  • Midland Refrigerated Distribution Services: Fully integrated warehousing, transportation and distribution services for refrigerated and frozen food products.

A brief history of the company recounts that Midland began operations in 1970 in the "middle land" of Nova Scotia (which is where the company's name originates). Midland started with only 6 trucks and employees and a limited service. This year in 2000, Midland Transport is a major trucking presence in Canada as the company celebrates their 30th anniversary.

As of 2000 according to the company's publicity material, Midland Transport has 1500 employees, operating some 1,800 pieces of equipment and the ability to handle everything from envelopes to full truckloads.

"Our strength comes from concentrating our efforts in the areas we know best ...Atlantic Canada, Québec and Ontario. We have a network of terminals and provide direct service within and between these areas. We've established partnerships with other carriers to extend our coverage across Canada and the United States" says a report on Midland's Web site.

The Midland Group of transportation companies is privately owned by the Irving family, a NB based family company with a 100 year plus commercial history. The Irving Groups' interests include forestry and forest products, oil and gas, wholesale and retail operations, shipbuilding and frozen foods; and several other substantial service and retailing company operations. A general listing of companies and links to related Irving family holdings may be found at the end of this article.

Midland Transport has been quick to incorporate the latest communications technology into its operations. On the www.midlandtransport.com Web site, freight customers can use the Customer Tools area where Midland's interactive "Midland LINK" allows you to track a shipment, and obtain a proof of delivery for either Midland Transport, or Midland Courier, or create performance reports.

Midland has been a leader in developing information systems that link the desire of the customer to know more about where in the transport loop their shipment is and the trucks that are moving the load down the road. To further accommodate customers and operating efficiency, the Midland Transport fleet is fully equipped with satellite tracking equipment, which provides two way communications with drivers, owner operators and dispatch.

As the company celebrates 30 years of growth, Midland Transport is embracing the communications technology of the Internet and real time satellite-driven databases on driver/tractor location information. This investment in time sensitive information is being provided to bring the Midland customer closer to their shipments and their trucking company, closer to them.

August, 2000