Moncton Industrial Park v.2.0 - We've hit the ground running!

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It was a mere 50 years ago that it all got started. The year was 1960 and Moncton Industrial Development, a fledgling organization of the City of Moncton, acquired some 128 acres of land to launch the Moncton Industrial Park. Interestingly, at its outset the plan was to call the park something quite different, give it a name that reflected its Atlantic regional orientation. But while that orientation would reflect Moncton's central location, it was just too generic. Who would know where it was actually located. Well, the final name clarified that, this was the Moncton Industrial Park in Moncton, New Brunswick. It may not sound too original or too exciting but it definitely conveyed a clarity of purpose.

So, here it was in 1960 that this newly formed organization (MID as its known was created in April, 1959) really got down to business to execute its purpose in being. Following the land acquisition came the next step of actually creating this industrial park. An industrial park requires streets, it needs sewer and water lines, it needs power and telephone lines and it needs a great location. It also needs a vision.

From its very early days, MID's Board was focused on an area located at the far end of west Main Street. The undeveloped, forested land was barely accessible only by a small dirt road running along the north side of the CN main rail line towards Edinburgh Drive. Today, that direct trail is now the well developed Baig Blvd., which serves as the main entrance to the southeast corner of the park.

But getting back to those early days, it wasn't just a dream, in fact even before the land was actually acquired, MID was talking with a new potential manufacturing client. That first prospect indeed became the first company to buy and build in the park. Hinde and Dauche, which was taken over shortly after by Domtar Packaging, was a leader in the corrugated carton field and as that first client it was the company that really launched the park. Under its current owner Norampac, that facility continues to operate today from that same location and that same, albeit expanded, building.

From those early beginnings, over time, the park grew to its present size of 600 acres and some 285 businesses. Today, all of the lots have been sold. But that is just the story of the success of this industrial park. Looking to build on that success, MID has acquired another 600+ acres adjacent to the existing park.

Moncton Industrial Park, version 2.0 is now underway! Yes, MID has acquired the land and just as 50 years ago, now comes the need for the streets, the water and sewer lines and so on. But it is now becoming a reality. The bulldozers are in place, the excavators are on site, the street outline is showing up and all systems are go.

First phase of the new MIP expansion will make some 122 acres available for new business prospects in the coming years. Construction of Phase one will be carried out in two stages and take three years to fully complete. The first stage will gain access to half of the area with access to the first lots expected to be available by late Fall of this year. The first contract has been awarded and work is underway. This contract involves building the underground services - sewer and water- then constructing the road base. Paving will follow in 2011. The second stage will get underway next year with the goal of providing access to its lots by the Fall of 2011 followed by paving in 2012.

Access to this new section of the Moncton Industrial Park will be from Berry Mills Road, a controlled access highway running from the arterial Wheeler Blvd. to the Trans Canada Highway. A newly constructed intersection will connect with the existing Horsman Road on the north side of the highway. Lots with frontage along Berry Mills Road promise to offer a prime location for those "early adopters" of MIP 2.0.

From this location, those heading for the Trans Canada Highway will be just minutes away with the benefit of the controlled access. For those headed to the airport or to other locations around the city, the short hop to Wheeler Blvd., will make that journey quick and easy. So whether it's for business purposes or for employees travelling to and from work, access is definitely a plus for this location.

50 years may seem like a long time but the steady growth of the Moncton Industrial Park and its sister park, Caledonia Industrial Estates, demonstrate the staying power of Moncton. These industrial parks clearly illustrate the benefits of a central location, of being situated in the Hub of the Maritimes. Whether it's distributing your products, or simply your travelling sales force, Moncton is the ideal location for business in the Atlantic Provinces. And with the new Moncton Industrial Park and Caledonia Industrial Estates, you have plenty of choice for picking the right spot within Moncton.

MIP 2.0 - we have hit the ground running and we've put the contractors to work. It may not look like much just yet, in fact, it looks a mess but that's just the first step. The important thing is that work is underway and new sites will be available soon. In fact, now is a good time to take a look and start your planning, others are. For more information, contact MID and find out what's waiting for you in these great locations.