It's been 50 Years and we are still at it. Version 2.0 is on the way!

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Every 50 years or so, at Moncton Industrial Development we like to start something new. Well this time, we are doing it again. In 1960, MID acquired 128 acres of land on the west side of the City of Moncton and began to build the first phase of the Moncton Industrial Park.

Did it work? Eventually with further land acquisition, the park grew to a total of 600 acres. Today, that industrial park is home to some 285 companies of varying sizes who in turn employ about 6,200 people. In our books, that means it has been a success. But we didn't stop there.

In the 1970's, MID acquired land on the north side of the city to launch a wholly new industrial park, Caledonia Industrial Estates. The total park area today is some 1,660 acres with close to 1,000 acres in the serviced areas. Following considerable growth over the past dozen years, this park now is home to 96 businesses and some 2,600 employees.

That was then, this is now. Following recent infrastructure expansion within Caledonia, we have 310 acres available for new business development. But in the Moncton Industrial Park we are completely sold out, we have no sites available. In our view, it's always healthy to offer our clients choice. Our success has in part come from being able to showcase two very different industrial parks, each with its own role in life. So with one sold out, what's next?

For starters, MID has acquired 560 acres of land on the west side of the current Moncton Industrial Park. Well, we didn't acquire it to build a recreation area or a nature park, although both have their merits. We acquired the land so we could build MIP 2.0. Sounds corny but for the moment, it's an apt way to describe the fact that we are planning to build a new Moncton Industrial Park but just as in a software update, it will build on what's there now but be upgraded and updated to be new. It's our version 2.0.

Planning is well along for the first phase of development of this land. Engineering design is in the works and subdivision plans are being reviewed. Once this is all complete, we will be heading to the tender phase to award the initial construction contracts. It's a big job and won't happen overnight but the first steps have been taken and work is underway.

What does it all mean? At this time, we are pushing to have lots available for new development by the Fall of next year and then finish up Phase one of the development by the Spring of 2011, making a total of 120 acres available.

With Phase one, traffic to and from the new park will have access from Berry Mills Road. This road is a controlled access highway that runs straight to the Trans Canada Highway. It also connects to the ring road highway of Wheeler Blvd. Wheeler takes traffic around the city to the Moncton Airport and points east.

If your business needs a great location today, we have a lot of choice in Caledonia Industrial Estates. But if you prefer the west side of the city, then just be patient and then next year, drop us a line or give us a call and see the new sites of MIP 2.0.

So there you have it, every 50 years or so we build new industrial park capacity. Of course, we also do that at different times within those 50 year windows but this latest venture with MIP 2.0 is timely in that it will start opening for business 50 years after phase one of the beta version of MIP 1.0 started up. If you want to get a jump on things and get a preview of the possibilities, just call Peter Belliveau at MID.

Cheers everyone!