Moncton For Business grows up!

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The original Moncton for Business web site was launched by Moncton Industrial Development (MID) in the Fall of 2000. A great many changes have happened to web technology since then, it's almost night and day. The original site was innovative in its time being both somewhat interactive and just plain useful.

The name of the site clearly stated its purpose, to provide business people with the business information they needed about Moncton. That could be office space, industrial park land or simply where to go for information. With the new site, people from down the street or around the world could get the information they needed to do business in Moncton.

One of the innovative aspects of that new site was that it allowed MID staff to update relevant information right from their own desktops. Such a feature meant that the available lot information for Moncton's industrial parks was always up to date. Other business real estate listings were kept as current as the information provided by local realtors or property owners.

The new site offered articles of interest such as profiling some of our local manufacturers or transportation companies as well as some of those on the softer side of life such as the Atlantic Ballet which is based in Moncton. There was general information on the city, there was demographic and cost information and much more. It also offered the weary traveler a listing with links to accommodations and for those with time for recreation, it even offered information on golf courses in the area and around the region.

Moncton For Business was designed with business people in mind. It didn't matter the time of day someone needed information, we were there. It didn't matter if you weren't sure who to call for a host of other information as you could peruse the listing of relevant contacts. Perhaps you just wanted to see what companies were located in the industrial parks, it was there.

Technology continually moves forward but the need for business information stays. Now at the start of a whole new year, Moncton Industrial Development has moved forward with an updated Moncton For Business web site, let's call it M4B 2.0. Keeping the same basic information structure as the original site, the new web site makes it even easier to move around. Use the tab menu at the top and find every section and subsection throughout the site. Or click on section heads and move into the relevant section home. Go straight to industrial park information from the main menu page. Go straight to the list of news articles or straight to Resources and Contacts listings.

We have a Planning Tools section to help you organize your Moncton plans. There is the cost calculator which is there to give you a quick overview of what it would cost to operate your business in Moncton as compared to other cities. But please note, handle with care, costs are an ever changing process but this will give you a good sense of where we fall in the mix.

And of course, you can still find a place to sleep just go to the accommodations section. Or if you are inclined to play a round of golf, those listings are still there.

As you go through the site just click Home on the menu bar or at the top of the page and it will take you right back to the beginning. You can also click Site Map and get the full outline of the various sections to make it easy to go straight to the one you want. We also have documents you can download at different points in the site but you can also select Document Download from the menu tab for additional material.

Just one word of caution, as with any new web site there will be glitches arising from time to time. If you run into a problem, we would appreciate it if you would email us to let us know. We will also be adding and changing information that has not been updated recently due to our transition but it all takes time.

Moncton is for business and Moncton For Business is there to help make things just a little easier for you. Start roaming and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much is here.