Where Eagles Fly and Business rocks!

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Moncton, New Brunswick has long been known as a regional hub of Canada's Maritime Provinces making it an ideal strategic location for business. Its central location allows for fast efficient service throughout the region whether as a distribution centre or sales office or regional offices. It has also become a business centre for national and international operations in call centres and back-offices, companies such as UPS, Purolator, Asurion and Minacs Worldwide operate customer service centres and support centres. Moncton is good for big business.

But big business comes in many forms. In September, 2005 the famed rock legends the Rolling Stones played the Hill in Moncton. The Rolling Stones at Moncton's Magnetic Hill was their single largest concert in Canada/U.S. that year. The Stones may be legendary rockers but they are also a big business. On a tour that the band played in places like Boston and Chicago, Moncton packed some 85,000 fans into the concert site at the famed Magnetic Hill, a home to optical illusions where water and cars (without fuel) seemingly run up hill and where the king of rock strutted and sang through years of Stones' hits.

Are the Stones a big business? Just think of a business that generated some $15 million or so in tickets sales and concession sales for one day's work. That's what they generated in Moncton. It's safe to say, they are a big business. The big business of concerts in Moncton saw famed husband/wife team of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw pack Magnetic Hill last year. That famed duo are each megastars in their own right but together, well they needed a place large enough to manage the show. This may be a small community but it's a community that does big things.

So what's next? Well, Moncton is a place where Eagles fly and land! Another famed rock legend, the Eagles are playing select locations around North America this year. A band of that stature can pack them in wherever they go and pack them in in large numbers. That's big business. Well, this big business is flying their operations to Moncton, New Brunswick on August 2. This big business has picked the concert site at Magnetic Hill to perform. Just look at their tour schedule - Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Boston then Moncton.

Why Moncton? Big business goes where it can make money. It goes where it can be most efficient. Moncton's track record and Moncton's central location make it an ideal location to achieve those goals. Will they pass the Stones in total attendance? Maybe, maybe not but just look at it this way, in the first four days of early bird ticket sales, the Eagles sold some 40,000 tickets. It might be a "long road out of Eden" but if you're in Atlantic Canada those roads lead to Moncton, where "Eagles fly".

Big business rocks in Moncton. And if Moncton can rock for the Rolling Stones and the Eagles, Moncton can sure rock for your business too!