New Molson Brewery Lights Up and Rocks Moncton!

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It's been 52 years in the making but now Molson's have officially opened their new Moncton brewery. Well it didn't take 52 years to actually build the brewery but it has been 52 years since Canadian brewing icon Molson opened its last new brewery. It may have come as a surprise to many that Molson would choose Moncton, New Brunswick to open a new state of the art brewery but it's not as big a surprise as you might think.

Moncton, NB situated at the geographic centre of Canada's Maritime Provinces, is an ideal business location for serving this region and Molson is taking full advantage of that location. It also makes sense for potential new opportunities to use the plant's production capacity for export to the New England market but that's something for the company to decide somewhere down the road.

Situated front and centre on the Trans Canada Highway in Caledonia Industrial Estates, this new brewery is certainly hard to miss. But even more important is the quality of its Moncton brewed product. "I can tell you that this brewery brews great Molson beer," said Eric Molson, chairman of the board for the Molson Coors Brewing Company. "I had some last night and it was terrific." This writer can attest first hand that Mr. Molson has it right.

Friday, October 12 was a cool, overcast day with light showers at the time of the official opening ceremonies. But the weather didn't dampen the spirits of the hundreds of invited guests. Even more, those guests demonstrated the warm welcome that Moncton always has for new members of its community. With the dignitaries ushered in with a police escort, siren going, and bracketed with a couple of transports with the trailers emblazoned with Molson product, the festivities got off to a great start.

Participating in this warm welcome were NB Premier Shawn Graham, Moncton Mayor Lorne Mitton along with many other community leaders such as Moncton MP Brian Murphy, NB Finance Minister Victor Boudreau and a host of key business personalities from transporter Wes Armour, Pizza king Bernard Imbeault to the Master of Packaging Mary Jean Irving.

"This is indeed a historic day for Molson, a historic day for Moncton and a historic day for New Brunswick," said Premier Shawn Graham in his address. "Even before we raise our glasses today, this brewery already stands as a testament to the spirit of this community and to so many key players who have been involved in bringing this project to fruition."

Not to be outdone, Moncton Mayor Lorne Mitton captured the spirit opening with "my name is Lorne Mitton and I am Canadian". Molson's first announced the new Moncton brewery in November 2004, followed by the sod-turning in August 2005. Mayor Mitton fondly remembers the work that went into the brewery's arrival and was ecstatic to see it officially open. "It's not every day that you open a brewery, it's a significant investment and a considerable commitment to our community and the Maritimes," he said.

From the Molson side, in addition to remarks from Chairman Eric Molson, President and CEO Kevin Boyce brought his greetings to the assembled crowd. "Hospitality and goodwill are real characteristics and values of the Maritime region. We are delighted to be part of this community and truly a Maritime-based brewer," Boyce said.

Also taking part in the opening ceremonies were Mr. Molson's son Geoff, along with another famous brewer's son, PJ Coors who flew in from Denver to be part of this special occasion.

While the day may have been cold and damp, it didn't stop the fireworks to launch this new brewery and get the party going. In addition to the official opening ceremonies, celebrations carried on throughout the weekend. Molson brought in Sam Roberts to head a Molson Rocks concert at the Moncton Coliseum Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, they hosted a backyard BBQ and tour of the brewery to over 2,000 interested local residents. Saturday night, Main Street was blocked off for a Molson's White Nights block party. All of the various restaurants and bars along Main Street took part in the festivities, as Moncton rolled out the "white" carpet.

So, it's now official and the Molson Canadian and Coors Light are now flowing through the miles of piping in the new brewery and heading out the doors to beer lovers throughout the Maritimes.

Welcome to Moncton!