Caledonia Industrial Estates - Plenty of room for new neighbours!

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Build it and they will come? Not necessarily, but if you aren't ready to seize the opportunities, they will pass you by. When it comes to industrial parks that means having sites ready to capture the opportunities when they arise. That's why Moncton Industrial Development (MID) builds it - so they can come.

Building it meant a major $15 million investment in the infrastructure of Caledonia Industrial Estates in 1993/95. That investment involved building new streets and services within the industrial park along with a new interchange access onto the Trans Canada Highway. The result added some 230 acres to the available inventory of lots.

Building it meant extending beyond the park and building Harrisville Blvd. in 1997 to better connect the park to residential areas, to the airport and to the downtown.

Building it also meant bringing the shovels and trucks back in 2004, to build new streets and open up another 140 acres.

And building it has also meant those trucks and shovels were back once again in 2007. Yes MID has made even more room for new neighbours.

"In 2007, we began a new two-phase expansion of the streets in Caledonia" says Peter Belliveau, general manager of MID "Frenette Avenue East now meets Frenette Avenue Wes opening up a large block of land in the centre of the park. Phase two was completed in 2009, with the opening of Parsons Drive which runs north from Frenette Ave. to meet up with Galloway Street providing much improved access to this north section of the park."

Businesses do their evaluations quietly in their own time but when they make a decision on where their next installation will be, they move fast. Strategically, at that point they can't afford to sit and wait while infrastructure is built, so it's important that industrial park operators like MID have a large amount of land ready for immediate development. "We have completed five significant expansions within Caledonia going back to 1989 giving us the potential to respond to a broad range of opportunities. We have invested a substantial amount of money in the park's potential for capturing future opportunities" said Belliveau.

In recent years, MID has been promoting Caledonia with the headline, We've got plenty of room for new neighbours! We still have plenty of room and we are looking for new neighbours but just to be sure we have the right room for those prospective neighbours, this latest expansion will help to ensure a broad mix of sites at varying sizes and configurations. This formula has helped Caledonia land a wide range of projects from the small to the large. Since launching that expansion in 1993, a total of 520 acres has been sold but we still have plenty of lots left.

Just who took all this land anyway? Molsons (now Molson-Coors) acquired a site front and centre along the Trans Canada Highway to build a new brewery, the first brewery built by the company in over 50 years. At some 110,000 sq.ft, this new state-of-the-art operation began shipping those golden suds in 2007.

Nearby is the diaper manufacturing plant of Irving Personal Care. IPC knew they needed a site that would allow them to grow as they continued to build new markets for their product. Caledonia was the answer. The resultant 150,000 sq.ft facility, which sits on a large site along the main entrance road of Harrisville Blvd., began operation in the summer of 2004.

On the retail front, Shoppers Drug Mart built their Atlantic regional distribution centre in the heart of Caledonia. Initially 150,000 sq.ft, the distribution centre was expanded to its current 230,000 sq. ft in 2005, a clear demonstration of the strategic value of Caledonia for servicing the Atlantic region.

Just across the street is Loblaw Atlantic and their frozen foods distribution centre in Caledonia. Also having expanded its original building, this 185,000 sq.ft cold facility is situated in an ideal location for timely delivery of their frozen products to the many Atlantic Superstores in the region.

Brain power drives software manufacturers and Caledonia is home to a couple of major brain power companies. Ever wonder how those video gaming machines work? It takes a lot of software and a lot of high quality engineering. That's brain power and that's the type of thing we can see at Spielo Manufacturing in Caledonia. Keeping on the expansion theme, Spielo expanded their building adding 55,000 sq.ft to bring it to some 100,000 sq.ft. Being the largest single employer in Caledonia, with more than 400 people working there, this video gaming company needed the new space to allow for its continued growth. Even better, they still have room to add more.

Development in Caledonia comes in a variety of sizes and in a variety of business types. There is distribution such as for Kraft Canada, Bunzl Canada, Kohl & Frisch, Sysco Food Service and Source Medical (which expanded their building in 2007). There are transportation related operations such as SLH Transport, Keltic Transportation, and Atlantic Carrier/Transicold. There is East Coast International Truck, Penske Truck Leasing, Ryder Truck Leasing and Trans East Trailer.

On the smaller side but no less important to Caledonia's growth, we also have a variety of companies such as Detroit-Diesel Allison, Chandler Sales, Acadia Bricklayers, ICS Courier, Prime Material, Maritime Hydraulics (with a new facility under construction), Techno-Logic and the ever popular Tim Horton's.

These are just some of the examples of the companies that have made Caledonia Industrial Estates a success. Keeping that success going, openings in 2007 included a new dealership for Peterbilt, a new 60,000 sq.ft plant for Al-Pack Enterprises and the new Pine Acres RV centre. More recently, next door, Green Diamond Equipment opened their new John Deere dealership in 2009.

All of this success serves to emphasize the need to keep building new streets and opening up new sites. We have plenty of room for new neighbours but with the recent opening of another 110 acres, we have increased the variety and mix of available sites to make it easy for prospective new neighbours to choose Caledonia.

Does it work? Our first new neighbour in this new area is a new 126,000 sq. ft freezer facility for Loblaw nearing completion on Frenette Ave. Once again, this company is demonstrating the benefits of a Caledonia location.

"Our previous expansions opened up a lot of land and with all of the resultant development there has been a "snowball" of interest in this park. With its location adjacent to the Trans Canada and its direct interchange access, Caledonia is a key strategic location for doing business in this region" said Peter Belliveau "We have a great mix of companies operating from Caledonia today but we are always looking to add new neighbours." Build it and just maybe, they will come.

Updated February, 2010.